Scientific Papers


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Public Deliverables (approved by the EC)

WP1: User Centric Design

  1. D1.1, Lynne Coventry, Andrew McNeill, Jake Pywell, Privacy Report, download
  2. D1.3, Antonella De Angeli, Maria Paola Paladino, Lynne Coventry, Stefano Targher, Andrew McNeill, Motivation and persuasion report, download
  3. D1.5, Andrew McNeill, Lynne Coventry, Longitudinal Tracking – Diary Study, download
  4. D1.6, Andrew McNeill, Lynne Coventry, Ignacio Peinado, Cristina Sandoval, Maria Julia Silla, User Requirements, downloads

WP2: Modelling

WP3: Perception of Users and Environment

  1. Johannes Scheiblauer, Pashalis Padeleris, Sergey Tulyakov, David Macii, Daniele Fontanelli, Josef Alois Birchbauer, User perception and platform localization:  First results on holistic user awareness and FriWalk localization, download

WP4: Conception of social activities

  1. D4.5, Ivo Ramos, Cesar Mediavilla, Maurizio Marchese, Marcelo Rodas, User communities creations based on user’s profile matching (static profile): social network creation and evolution in older adults communities, download