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Public Deliverables (approved by the EC)

WP1: User Centric Design

  • D1.1, Lynne Coventry, Andrew McNeill, Jake Pywell, Privacy Report, download
  • D1.3, Antonella De Angeli, Maria Paola Paladino, Lynne Coventry, Stefano Targher, Andrew McNeill, Motivation and persuasion report, download
  • D1.5, Andrew McNeill, Lynne Coventry, Longitudinal Tracking – Diary Study, download
  • D1.6, Andrew McNeill, Lynne Coventry, Ignacio Peinado, Cristina Sandoval, Maria Julia Silla, User Requirements, downloads

WP2: Modelling

WP3: Perception of Users and Environment

  • Johannes Scheiblauer, Pashalis Padeleris, Sergey Tulyakov, David Macii, Daniele Fontanelli, Josef Alois Birchbauer, User perception and platform localization:  First results on holistic user awareness and FriWalk localization, download

WP4: Conception of Social Activities

  • D4.5, Ivo Ramos, Cesar Mediavilla, Maurizio Marchese, Marcelo Rodas, User communities creations based on user’s profile matching (static profile): social network creation and evolution in older adults communities, download

WP5: Execution Support of Social Activities

  • D5.1 Sean Sedwards, Thomas Given-Wilson, Axel Legay, User reactive planning, download

WP6: Design of Robotic Personal Devices

WP7: Cloud Infrastructure and Integration

  • D7.1 Gian Piero Fici, Luigi Palopoli, Carlos Rivera, Ivo Ramos, Software interfaces, download

WP8: Experimental Validation

WP9: Exploitation and Dissemination

  • D9.1 Cristina Sandoval, Josef Alois Birchbauer, Marco Aggravi, Lynne Coventry, Sean Sedwards, Ignacio Peinado, Stefano Targher, César Mediavilla and Antonis Argyros, First annual dissemination report, download part1 | part2
  • D9.7 Luigi Palopoli, Website, download

WP10: Management

  • D10.1 Maria Julia Silla, Project presentation brochure, download
  • D10.3 Luigi Palopoli, Data management plan, download