ACANTO’s research and development activities are carried out by a group of motivated partners selected on the basis of their scientific and technological excellence, of their complementary competences, of their ability to produce innovation in their respective fields and of their record of succesfull participation to similar initiatives.

The consortium consists of ten full-time partners from the six European countries Italy, Spain, Greece, United Kingdom, France, and Austria. Three of these partners are higher education institutions (University of Trento, Universtiy of Northumbria, University of Siena), two partners are national research centres (FORTH and INRIA), four partners (ATOS, SIEMENS, ENIVTEL, TELECOM ITALIA) are industrial entreprises with a renowned presence in Active Ageing and in related market segments. Last but not least we are honoured by the presence in our Consortium of the Hospital of Getafe, which has a decennial experience in the problems of ageing and has an active research group on fall prevention and rehabilitation.


Role Partner Country Type Contact
Coordinator University of Trento(UNITN) Italy University –
Participant FORTH (FORTH) Greece Research Centre
Participant University of Northumbira (UNAN) UK University
Participant University of Siena (UNISI) Italy University
Participant INRIA (INRIA) France Research Centre
Participant SERMAS (SERMAS) Spain Hospital
Participant SIEMENS (SIEMENS) Austria Company
Paricipant Telecom Italia (TI) Italy Company
Participant ATOS (ATOS) Spain Company
Former Participant Envitel (ENVT) Spain Company


Each partner is a leader in its specific field and brings into the project a motivated team and highly specialized research infrastructures. The different competences covered by each partner are shown in the following table.


A) Knowledge of application domain and potential market X X X
B) Robotics – wearable devices X X X
C) User Centric design and clinical testing X X X
D) Algorithms for perception X X X X
E) Algorithms for data harvesting – modelling and profile matching X X
F) Formal methods and Cognitive Algorithms X X
G) Solution Providers – Component and system Engineering X
H) Software Integration X
I) Human Machine Interface X X X