The FriWalk at the OpenLab Day UNITN

[Trento, December 1st 2017] – The FriWalk at the OpenLab Day UNITN

The work of the EECS Lab is mainly focused on the development of intelligent systems that cooperate with humans. Visitors had the opportunity to see and use the FriWalk (“Friendly Walker”), a smart walker that has been designed and created to help older adults in their daily life. The FriWalk moves around freely in a room, avoids moving and fixed obstacles on trajectories that are similar to those that a human being would choose (planning its movements based on the users’ needs and requests), and monitors emotional states; while doing all this, the person that is using it feels as if moving freely. The friendly walker can be very useful to physicians to prescribe exercise programs to patients in recovery, obtain data on their psycho-physical state, communicate with them. The smart walker can connect and interact with other walkers around it to perform cooperative and social tasks.

Here you can find some pictures of the event: