WP9 – Dissemination and Exploitation

The ACANTO project is very intensive in RTD activities and proposes the involvement of real users into all development stages. We expect novel technologies, usability concepts and validation approaches, however the ACANTO consortium wants to go beyond and also plan excellent dissemination and exploitation activities for the project results. These activities should be oriented to achieve the following objectives:

Objective 9.1:

To disseminate the project results to the international research and development incumbents through the community, but also by the participation in conferences, workshops and by issuing technical and business publications.

Objective 9.2:

To seek-out and engage parallel and complementary research initiatives of other Framework Program-funded consortiums and on-going research within the European Union.

Objective 9.3:

To involve potential users and stakeholders for capturing needs, assessing potential acceptability of proposed technologies and for raising awareness among current users of walkers and potential users of assistive wheeled devices.

Objective 9.4:

To elaborate an effective exploitation strategy and plan by understanding the market, their needs and iteratively building up the solution that better fits them.

Objective 9.5:

To implement a number of communication activities towards the general public opinion and policy makers.