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The population of the advanced countries is ageing. This simple and widely recognised fact has important implications for health, society and economics. The most evident is in the number of people who report activity limitations, which grows significantly with age as clearly shown in the following chart. Activity limitations have an adverse effect on a person’s productivity...

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The challenges posed to western society by the ageing population are of unprecedented complexity and range from securing acceptable levels of Quality of Life (QoL) to older adults and their families to the development of sustainable economic models for welfare state, National Health Systems (NHS) and social security. In this context, ACANTO offers ...

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The consortium consists of nine full-time partners from the six European countries Italy, Spain, Greece, United Kingdom, France, and Austria. Three of these partners are higher education institutions, two partners are national research centres, four partners are industrial entreprises with a renowned presence in Active Ageing and in related market segments ...

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Users and professionals meet the Friwalk at England

[England, June 14th 2018] – The leader of the ACANTO Project, Dr Luigi Palopoli traveled to Newcastle upon Tyne, England, to introduce the ACANTO walker. Several meetings took place across the course of the day in which older adults involved…
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