WP7 – Cloud Infrastructure and Integration

The objective of this WP is to create a cloud infrastructure able to provide network services to the different components of ACANTO. Some of the cloud services are used for run-time support to the execution of social activities (integrating the components developed in WP3, WP5, WP6), others are used for the conception of social activities (components developed in WP4).
The objectives are detailed below.

Objective 7.1:

Definition of standard interfaces for the software components that will be implemented as cloud services (“software as a service”), and for the creation of virtual platforms for off-board execution of demanding activities (“platform as a service”).

Objective 7.2:

Development of and integration of cloud infrastructure with a complete support for FriWalk, FriTaband wearable devices.

Objective 7.3:

development of a methodology for software updates of FriWalks and FriTab.

Objective 7.4:

Development of techniques for the enforcement of real–time constraints for cloud services.