WP6 – Design of Robotic Personal Devices

The objective of this work package is to develop robotic technologies and haptic devices, which are integrated in the FriWalk. In addition, we are developing the visual and audio interfaces that are integrated in the FriTab. The haptic interfaces prototyped in WP6 are designed following the outcomes of WP1.

Objective 6.1:

Integrate sensing and actuation devices into a walker to develop the mechatronic basis for the FriWalk.

Objective 6.2:

develop control algorithms to operate the FriWalk, as an individual or as a team support.

Objective 6.3:

Develop prototypes of wearable interface able to guide the user by: 1. Integrating sensing components to guide the user along trajectories and in the execution of particular motor tasks, 2. haptic rendering methods that provide kinesthetic and cutaneous information to the user.

Objective 6.4:

develop visual and sound interface to be used in the FriTab.