WP4 – Conception of Social Activities

This work package builds upon the WP2 (Modeling) models, the WP3 (Perception) results and the infrastructure developed in WP7 (Infrastructure). It provides the input to WP5 (Execution) and to WP8 (Validation). The objectives are summarised as follows.

Objective 4.1:

Creation of appropriate user’s profiles based on the user model developed in WP2.

Objective 4.2:

Collection of the social activities information in a number of specific social environments based on the local communities, social networks and local providers.

Objective 4.3:

Persons’ profiles matching and communities’ creation based in affinity/similarity unsupervised or semi supervised approaches on both static features and dynamic observation flowing from the CPSN. Implementation of incremental strategies to form the creation of sustainable communities.

Objective 4.4:

Recommendation of the most suitable social activities to individual users or elder adults communities profiles. Evaluation of the feedback obtained from the user experience at the recommended social activities.