WP2 – Modelling

The goal of WP2 is to translate user requirements and motion characteristics into formal models that formally specify input and output information for each of the modules of the project. The objectives are detailed as follows.

Objective 2.1:

identify behavioural patterns that emerge when a group of people moves in a shared space and describe them by appropriate mathematical models. A special emphasis is on social groups sharing spaces in both competitive and cooperative situations.

Objective 2.2:

discover an ontological model describing: 1. the user profile in terms of preferences, constraints and (medical) prescriptions, 2. the environment. The environment is described in metric and topological terms in order to allow for an effective activity planning.

Objective 2.3:

develop models for the description of the recommended and planned activities. Plans are described in terms of an interrelated sequence of activities and “what if” suggestions. Similarly, models capturing the constraints of group activities will be provided.

Objective 2.4:

Define a parametric set of elementary actions that have a corresponding implementation in the FriWalk and that can be used to produce execution plans.